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CESD is one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood. I joined the team to assist with Commercials and Social Media. 

  • I identified the company’s unique social media goals.


  • Created several different brand personalities we needed to target.


  • Brainstormed a variety of content that followers would find interesting and valuable.


  • Researched and told stories that appealed to our target audience’s emotions.​​

My solutions

  • Created a brand voice that was fun, casual, and positive, and wrote captions that were pithy and engaging.

  • Ensured we posted only high-quality images that grabbed peoples’ attention. 

  • Used effective hashtags and story posts to reach more viewers.


  • Used hashtag #CESDTalent to clarify that we were promoting our agency’s and our clients’ achievements.

  • CESD gained thousands of new followers each week. 


  • Our clients began using our # in their own posts, as well as people who saw our socials and wanted to work with us.

The Results

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